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FIR, PINE, TAMARACK, CEDAR, AND LODGEPOLE are all considered  soft woods.  None of these are hardwoods.

These softwoods will burn for a shorter period of time than any hardwood. Softwood is great for starting your fires.


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If you are a first time fire-burner, or if you only want to burn a couple dozen fires a year: definitely go with a DRY softwood.


Softwoods season quickly, and when dry is truly delightful, trouble-free wood.  It's easy to get going. It smells great. It's easy to split for starting your fire. It creates BIG, friendly, luxurious fires!


Softwood fires won’t burn as long as hardwood fires. You must feed a stove more frequently to keep it going with softwood, and there is no guarantee that there will still be live hot coals in the morning.



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