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Walnut is also a great hardwood, although not as dense as either Oak, Almond, or other hardwoods, it will burn long and hot. 

Walnut provides a nice aroma .  Walnut is also easier to get started than some other hardwoods because it is less dense.


¨ It is always important to have a large supply of really good kindling - because hardwood is difficult to start. Having a quantity of fir on hand is great source of good kindling.



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Hardwood's, like walnut, oak etc., are the choice of the serious fire burner.


You may get almost twice the fire for the money by burning hardwoods. Because hardwoods are denser, they provide more available fuel in the same space. So, hardwoods burn longer. If hardwoods are properly seasoned, they do burn very hot.


The fuel available in hardwood enables stoves or inserts to sustain high temperatures for significantly longer periods. Also, unless the stove is shut down tight, hardwoods may keep a hot live coal bed for days. So as a rule, airtight stoves, or inserts, perform best with dry hardwoods.

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